Muzzy Pheasant Farm is a licensed dog training facility. We are now offering Dog Training Memberships at a cost of $200 for you and your dog.  A Membership consists of access to one of our fields for a one-hour session (by appointment only) year-round. You can train as little or as often as you would like (by appointment only). The membership allows you to harvest up to 8 scratch birds at no charge. Pheasants, chuckars and pigeons will be available for your training session at a discounted price.  There will be a $20 fee for any walkers/shooters/photographers that want to walk with you while training (children 16 and under are no charge).

We will also have Private Field Training lessons available at a cost of $75 per session (by appointment only).

To purchase a Membership, you must do the following:

  • Set up an initial meeting with Joe
  • Have a dog training orientation meeting
  • Sign an insurance waiver and a contract regarding the training rules and regulations

For more information please contact Joe at 810-577-1779.