Muzzy Pheasant Farm Services

        Muzzy Pheasant Farm is open to the public, no membership required. Open seven days a week BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We require 24 hour notice to book a hunt and a 48 hour notice of cancellation. We accept cash and credit/debit cards (NO CHECKS).


      Muzzy Pheasant Farm provides Ground Hunts and European Tower Hunts for your enjoyment. The Ground Hunts are spread over our 80 acre preserve with guide dogs available. Our European Tower Hunt is centrally located on the property and has 10 stations accommodating 20 hunters. We provide trained Labrador Retrievers stationed around the hunt for downed birds at no extra charge to the hunters. You may use your own dogs or hire our dogs for the walk up hunt afterward. Pictures and videos will be available after the hunt.

Fund Raisers

      Raise funds for your favorite cause and have fun while you're doing it. We'll help you organize the fundraiser and we give a percentage back to your cause. Sign up 10-20 hunters for a tower shoot, 10 birds will be released per hunter. Please give us a call for all of the details.

Bird Cleaning

      All birds are carefully cleaned, processed and bagged for your freezer at a cost of $2.00 per bird.  Bird cleaning is included with all tower shoots.