About Muzzy Pheasant Farm

      Muzzy Pheasant Farm is a family-owned and operated working farm established over 135 years ago. The farm originated in 1875 and has been passed down through the years from generation to generation. When our father/grandfather, Milo George Muzzy, passed away in 2010 we wanted to do something special to remember him for years to come. We decided to share our love of the outdoors by dedicating 80 acres of the farm to a hunting preserve as permitted by the Michigan DNR. We are very family oriented and welcome men, women and youth to enjoy our facility. We believe in safety first followed by lots of fun and fellowship with old friends, new acquaintances and their families.
      Here at Muzzy Pheasant Farm we strive to provide a safe, family-friendly establishment for creating great long-lasting memories. We strongly believe in passing down long-time traditions of safe hunting and respect of the land to our family and friends. We believe in safetly first, then fun and fellowship will follow.